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Comedy Readings
Yup It s ok to laugh at your life

You read

right. A Medium + comedy

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Soul Glo Shine Reading

Just let your soul Glo!

Feelin’ vibes with every move. Get unstuck. No fluff, just real talk and action. I’ll cut through the confusion, identify your goals, strengths, and a clear path forward.

Soulful life Reading + Tarot






100% insights + Joy

1 hour


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Why get a comedy

Reading ?

4 Valid Reasons


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Your cat thinks it’s time

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I wanna meet your dog too

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Your vision needs an update.


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Amber is an “above and beyond professional”. Whatever you pay you’ll get more in exchange. I feel as though I’ve jumped levels in my progress and am where I am headed, but a year in advance. Thanks Amber!

Eva Papp, Founder School of Dae Nova

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Amber provides a holistic approach that helps you overcome your blind spots with specific action steps. She is a joy to work with for better decisions and smart strategies.

The Black Tie Limos

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Amber read my highest potential future.

Answered my questions about where to put my energy right now. I came away with a clear sense of direction, purpose and a road map for getting there.

Susan Rensberger

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Essentially, I now know what to do!

Larry Armstead II

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Amber is hilarious! The way that she intertwines comedy with her spiritual work and practices is gold. I truly enjoyed watching her in action because she is talented. If you’ve never seen her live, then you are missing out and I recommend changing that asap.

Ari (My Venus Soul)

Deep belly Laughs


What’s New?

Check back soon for updates :)

Oh...You’re the interesting one of the family who reads.


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Is where the cool weirdos gather.

Let’s Mingle! I like you.

Don’t be that awkward person at the networking event standing in the corner staring at their phone.

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C’mon Say hi! Let’s collaborate.

Subject: Virtual Comedy Gig

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Message: Hey there! Are you available?

Wait a sec, did you seriously forget my name already? Let’s get reacquainted so you won’t have to introduce me as

‘you know, that Comedium with

the Jheri curl’.

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Oh, You’re all curious about me now?


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So where do you wanna start? I’m not famous yet. Geez, is this an interview?

Here we go again! I’m a Psychic Medium slash Comedian.

I do a bunch of other stuff too, I have ADHD that’s part of the package.

I’ve got this Interstitial Cystitis thing going on. Depression. Do you wanna hear all my issues or get that psychic reading you asked for?

Get my reading!

get my reading

Join the Circus

Ugh! I’m not a fan of the whole social media circus, but if you really wanna track me down, I’m on instagram for the cute animal memes & reels.

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Wanna learn Tarot?

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I’m teaching my homies how to find the funny in tarot!